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The curriculum we cover in our classes has been developed by Carin and Eileen the founders of Puppy Good Start. Carin and Eileen combine a lifetime of experience with current scientific learning theory. 

We have 3 trainers, Carin, Eileen and Marisa. All three trainers are certified with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers www.ccpdt.org/. This certification requires years of experience as well as rigorous written exams and continuing education. Carin, Eileen, and Marisa are also AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators. Last but not least we all participate in various competitive dog sports such as obedience, agility, water dog, and skijoring. Our diverse backgrounds bring a multifaceted approach to training puppies and dogs.


Eileen Roston

CPDT, CGC Evaluator, Pet Partner Evaluator

Cell: 612-382-5678

Eileen participates with her dog in agility, obedience, water dog sports and READ therapy work.

Eileen enjoys working with companion breeds and helping families with kids interact safely with dogs.

Carin Offerman

CPDT, CGC Evaluator

Cell: 612-963-8900

Carin and her dog participate in agility, obedience, ski-joring, nose-work and duck-hunting.

Carin enjoys working with the sporting and working breeds and their handlers.

Marisa Petersen

CPDT, CGC Evaluator

Cell: 763-245-0450

Marisa participates with her dog in agility, obedience and ski-joring.

Marisa enjoys working with shy, worried and/or independent dogs and their handlers.

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