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A Dog That You Are Proud to Own!

Our goal is to help you train a dog you can live with and are proud to own! How you train makes a huge difference in the relationship you have with your dog: Good training teaches behaviors while also building a trusting relationship between you and your dog.

We are Certified Professional Dog Trainers and professional members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Our training methods are based on science and current best practices combined with extensive experience training our own dogs and many years experience training owners and their dogs.

Join Our Small Group Classes!

The small training classes are limited to 5 dogs per instructor to allow for more individual attention. Read more…

Private Lessons Another Option

If scheduled group classes are not convenient, consider private lessons at your home or on location at Bentley's Pet Stuff. Read more…

Socialization / Playtime 

Teach your dog to socialize and play appropriately in a safe and supervised environment! And get FAQs about potty training, mouthing, etc. answered! Read more…


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